Customisation in Odoo

Why Customise your ERP?

ERP in general covers the most important business processes of an organisation out of the box. The design of the ERP is aimed at standard best business practices for e.g. Sales or Inventory management or manufacturing.  In fact modules are already in place for specific types of industry for example Rental or Subscription management.  Country specific localisation is also available for example UAE Chart of Accounts or FTA VAT calculations. 

However,  each business in unique in its business needs and often there arises a need to customise the standard ERP . Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Screen Customisation - include extra field to store data specific to a company
  • Workflow and Alerts -  Specific workflow or Alerts specific to a business
  • Reports or Dashboards -  Every business is unique and so is the reporting needs

The odoo Studio app helps customise 

The Odoo enterprise edition comes with a studio app that allows the common customisation requirements and has the customisations made using the app can be carried forward to the latest version upgrades without having to be redone.

Access to source code in GitHub

Odoo source code is available to developers to customise  advanced code changes or development of modules specific to a business function that is not available off the shelf. Programmers can use Python code to make the modification in the open source edition or community edition of the software in the GitHub programming repository.  The code developed can be reused or modified and reused.

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